Kurt LaVacque also known as “NTRE,” is a Bass Music producer from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, currently living in Houston, TX. We’re proud to premiere his latest release entitled, “You’ve Got Mail”! Here’s what he had to say about the track,

I had the idea to use the “You’ve Got Mail” sample for a while now, I always just assumed that it had been used in another banger, and mine would be just a copy and unoriginal. But a few weeks ago I decided to look it up, and it turns out all that was out there was super old and wasn’t anything special. So I decided to jump for it, and create this conglomerate of sounds and clicks into something I hope that all my bass heads can enjoy.

I have lived in my van for over 3 years, where I create, mix, and master my songs, on my JBL studio monitors, jimmy rigged to my car subwoofer. I use Ableton Live 9 paired with Serum to create all my juicy synths and booming basslines. I like to take concepts from trap, futurebass and dubstep when creating my songs, to give you a slurry of new age sounds and melodies. I hope you like it!

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NTRE – You’ve Got Mail