Nigel Dean (stage name Sundiatta) is a musical composition student at Boise State University who has turned his attention to becoming a music producer. Nigel has been classically trained in both guitar and piano and able to play instruments such as the bass and violin as well – shifting his focus, he’s been producing Electronic music for almost 6 months and has made great strides for such a short period of time. With this specific track he’s remixed the hit song “Chief” by Party Thieves and ATLiens. Here’s what he had to say about the track along with the free download below.

I really focused on maintaining that filthy bass sound that can be found in the original but also tried really hard to turn it into a completely different track. I incorporated a very upbeat rhythm as well as a funky harmonic melody that gives it almost a middle eastern feel. Enjoy the free download!

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Party Thieves & ATLiens – Chief (Sundiatta Remix)

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