It’s ALL GONE PETE TONG?! RIIIGHT BRUV? Maybe! Pete Tong is one man who needs no introduction so we’ll just give you the scoop. Mr. Tong is gearing up for a new North American tour at the end of September, and it’ll be launching from his new home in Los Angeles. Tong, the host of many BBC Radio 1 programs including Essential Mix and a daily show on Evolution (a dedicated dance music station on iHeartRadio, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s digital radio platform), glowed about his upcoming move to L.A. “I’m looking forward to being based in Los Angeles,” said Pete Tong. “The electronic dance music scene in the USA has reached a critical mass and the opportunities for our world are taking us into unchartered territory. I feel now its essential to be in the middle of all that.” In the middle of that he will be, as his tour will take him to D.C., Vegas, El Paso, Miami, Boston and more.

Source: DAD