For those in the know, you’re aware of Plastician previously being known as “Plasticman.” Yes, Plastikman is an AKA of Richie Hawtin’s, but now you know what he goes by Plastician. ANYWAYS, Plastician told FACT that he recently found a bunch of material from the early 2000s, and is going to be releasing the finds as an album: “I re-opened the original .flp Fruityloops files in the same versions of the software they were built in at the time and bounced them as wavs completely flat.” He goes on to say that he’s not added anything to the files, as changing them would feel “wrong.” Word is that this project could end up being a 21-track LP with music that was only available on vinyl, and that this release would NOT have a vinyl pressing. You should expect to hear some remixes of these tracks, though, with a limited-edition 12″ coming out of those. FACT is speculating that a few tunes that have been on the dubplate circuit (Zomby’s “Cha” remix and Wen’s “Shallow Grave” remix) could be a part of that remix release. We’ll keep you posted.

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