Pomo is easily one of the hottest names in electronic dance music to me right now. Handful of tracks released, all free downloads in some manner, and they’ve all wrecked shit in their vibed out future groove sort of way. Sure we’re hearing an influx in hip-hop drum samples in some variations of house music right now (Kaytranada, Onra, etc.), but something about Pomo channels a more digestible style for most house purists. And while that has nothing really to do with the quality of his tunes, it’s actually incredibly important if you want your music to get featured in DJ sets and mixes. While the hip-hop sounds and swing are definitely prevalent in his new tune, “Aerobix,” it’s got patio season anthem written all over for the house kids. Funky as all hell and the chord progressions just ooze all the right vibes. This kid is legit on fire.

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