Having journeyed throughout Europe, and finding significant inspirations in Africa, the Caribbean and the United States, the latest track in Enchufada’s Upper Cuts series coming from Portugal’s Bison and Squareffekt feels comforting–it’s as if the label’s tropical bass dominating mid-tempo influences have come back home for regeneration. Thus, the plaintive and melancholic 90BPM kizomba instrumental “Praia Morena” feels not so much brand new, but a progressive breath of fresh air. If unaware of the track’s likely inspiration, it’s the beachfront community of Praia da Morena near Lisbon, the track approximating the sound of waves crashing into the sand at sunset. Known for being popular with “young people,” the track’s blend of ambient effects borrowed from modern EDM and kizomba’s more organic Angolan influences makes for a unique, slowed, reflective, yet still entirely danceable sonic journey.

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