Trap, right when I wanna quit you because I think I’ve heard it all, a tune comes along that slaps the stupid out of me and makes me think twice about ever quitting on you. Perhaps Brokeback Mountain references don’t really help my case here, or maybe it does, but either way we have this exclusive from Chromatiq and Soundgrave from Atlanta called “Fitness.” Don’t let the name fool you, this is not some tune to plug and play when you’re trying to flex at the gym while taking ridiculous selfies in front of weights; there is something inherently creepy and eerie about this tune, I can’t put my finger on it, but I love it. The synths used to created eerie sounding string instruments, paired with heavier guitar sounding riffs and the heavy sub bass all compliment each other in a massive way, and it just makes me want to break shit… Now that I think of it, maybe this IS that perfect tune to play at the gym when you’re in the zone getting your flex on, I say this of course as I down this box of wine and eat some more chocolate, I’m obviously not the gym connoisseur but if I were, I’d have this tune on repeat with out a doubt. So listen, download, flex, and enjoy.

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