The trifecta known as Evol Intent helped establish the force that is American drum & bass, but the crew’s solo work has seen the guys turn into a monster that took on any style of dance music. Treasure Fingers has a great knack for vibrant house and disco tracks, while Bro Safari has been instrumental in helping moombahton, trap, and dubstep rise. Gigantor morphed into Computer Club, and while he’s not been “out there” like his Evol Intent compatriots, he’s definitely made some bangers. He’s not about one style, either, making sure that he knocks out whatever moves him, and earlier this year he cooked up his Exploratory Records imprint. With this newfound drive to push himself and the sounds that move him, we wanted to help put out a new mix from the producer/DJ and get some thoughts on what he’s been up to. For what it’s worth, he’s been WAY busier than you might think.