Plastician is back with another gem for his Terrorhythm imprint. We put a lot of stock into what this label releases, primarily because Plastician is so revered, but truthfully, it’s just that damn good. The latest is a four-track EP from Deon Custom, a producer from the Netherlands who is all about those bright, bombastic rhythms that have been a favorite of DAD’s over the last year and a half. His release resume has been kind of small (we only count a handful of official releases over the past two years), but the appropriately-titled Bliss EP should be the turnaround for that. The title track does exactly what it says on the tin, combining a catchy vocal with bottom-heavy, neck-snapping beats that play on all of the happy emotions residing in your body. “Circles” goes deeper into the subs, giving us a more purple romp, while “Feathers” combines a number of different styles into one warm cookie. The full EP is really a testament to paying attention to everyone out there; Terrorhythm really knows how to pick ’em. Grab Bliss today.

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