Back in April of 2013, we got word that Chemical Brother Tom Rowlands was putting out a solo EP. He mentioned then that they were planning on working on a new record, but without any word on what that project looks like, Tom isn’t sitting idle; he’s cooked up a rework of Klaxons’ “Love Frequency,” and this thing is, in a word, “massive.” Tom remixing the track makes sense, as he produced the original (and is one of the litany of electronic producers that are featured on Klaxons’ Love Frequency album). The vocal is primed and ready for something big, and the electronic dream that Rowlands painted around this one. It sits nestled in that throwback lane, drawing from so much inspirational techno and electro vibes that you might think you’ve been transported to the early ’90s. This release is set to drop on April 14, and will feature a mix from Wild Pitch on the flipside. Love Frequency is due out on June 2.

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