So…I’m not even going to try and pretend I’m the trap ambassador around these parts with the other DAD fam’s credentials that are well documented. However, you should know when I hear things that I feel are pushing genres of music forward, I tend to get motivated and start talking about things. Lucky for all of us, this new tune from MF Rex from Brooklyn’s Automatic Reaction crew has sliced Edwin Starr’s “Stop The War Now” to pieces and we all get to benefit from the result. This original minor hit from 1970 isn’t really the first thing that would pop into my mind when flipping a tune for some tastefully heavy trap rowdiness, but this dude really made some shit pop in all the right ways with this. I say let’s take a break from the predictable rap samples and token BS that most producers are polluting this genre with and use way more soul like this to go with that bounce. This tune feels like party mode. 1000%.

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