While most of us have enough trouble keeping track of our US ticket/show/festival schedules, it’s interesting to take a step back and take a look at what’s going on around the world or even just across the pond. Of course, there’s always the big ones, like Tomorrowland – but with a push towards moving all festivals to the endless cashflow that is the capitalist states of America, they tend to lose their romanticized glory to a state-side carbon copy. That’s not to say these festivals aren’t each amazing productions, it’s just the ease of access that steals away my moments of anguish that I used to relish when skimming through photos of those festivals that were oh-so-out-of-reach.

Then the other day we got an email from our good buddy Justin over at Rephlektor, asking if anyone would like to fly to Holland for a day to check out Mysteryland – a one-day music festival that takes place on August 24 and goes down at the Floriade terrain Haarlemmermeer (whatever that means). In my mind, there was only one answer to this questions: fuck yeah.