Take a couple of steps back with us so we can bring you to the present. One of the most important drum & bass producers, ever, is Lemon D, AKA Lemonde. You should know him for his material for Metalheadz (if you own a copy of Platinum Breakz, you should remember “This Is L.A.”), but many will know of his work with Dillinja, helping push their sound under the Valve Recordings imprint (which spawned a number of sub-labels and their own massive sound system). In recent years, he went from reverting back to his original alias, Lemonde, to using his given name and becoming K-aze, and exploring numerous forms of bass music, R&B, house, and other sounds. Really, just an all-encompassing thing. He recently hit me to let me know that he was embarking on a new project and imprint, All Roads, which perfect encapsulates the area he was moving within over a year ago.

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