WEDIDIT is a collective or label you need to know. The Los Angeles-based brand has been an integral part of the bubbling beats scene as it’s launched Henry Steinway’s beats, future hip-hop, and trap project RL Grime when they released his Grapes EP in April of 2012. The collective has also released tunes from Ryan Hemsworth, Shlohmo, C.Z., and Arnold, so when we get a tip on new movements, we’re all about it.

Purple is next to come out of the WEDIDIT collective. Mixing in his own deep, almost ambient take on narcotized future bass-infused R&B, Purple’s “Feel Alone” is stylistically and sonically what we might expect from the crew. That’s not to say it’s unwelcome or a bad thing. Purple’s “Feel Alone” has a certain mysteriousness and emotional distance to it, breathing life into the oft-derisively claimed robotic style that is electronic music. Purple is different then his contemporaries in that not only does he produce these dreamscapes of sound, but he sings as well. An artist with limitless talent has a limitless sky. Grab the EP when it drops next Tuesday.

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