Relevant Dimensions is the brainchild of P.SPLIFF and Lucas The Flow. Long time friends and both great DJ’s and Producers in their own right; they have come together to create this spaced out, creative bass machine known as Relevant Dimensions. Paul and Lucas have been working on Relevant Dimensions since early 2014, and they just released the project to the public in February 2017 with the debut album entitled “The Awakening”.

The EP consists of 4 original productions, each unique in their own right. “Async” starts things off in a proper fashion with motivational samples overriding a glitchy, electronic beat that’s themed to perfection. As the next track comes to fruition, we’re immediately shown the versatility of these producers with a Trap and Dubstep infused banger entitled “G’z Mansion” that will definitely make you resonate with the title. Slowing things down, we’re then presented with “Deep ‘N Dubby,” a subversive experience that takes us deep into the underworld for a grimy, bass ridden punch that is watered down by it’s beautiful breaks. Last, but certainly not least – “F N A” rounds the project off giving us exactly what we had hoped for: a hard hitting, filthy, and hardcore tune that leaves us wanting more.

Final thoughts: If this EP is any indication of what’s to come, we’re officially on the look out. Keep it locked and follow up with these budding producers via their social media links listed below.

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Relevant Dimensions – “Abstract Sound” EP