When it comes to music, Rell the Soundbender can do no wrong in our eyes. For myself in particular, I’m always eager to hear what he’s dropping next, seeing as we both have Panamanian blood coursing through our veins; when it comes to musicians, whether it’s El General or Rubén Blades, we take our music pretty seriously. I know Rell has a much anticipated EP coming out (Gambozoo, named after the zoo in Gamboa, Panama), but today he uploaded a track that DIDN’T make the cut only, further adding to the anticipation of his EP. This moombahton track appropriately named “Patacones” is an absolute banger, high energy with a classic dembow, and it does not disappoint. Hearing this track and knowing it didn’t make the cut is leaving us foaming at the mouth to hear what is actually on his EP, but alas we must wait for it’s anticipated release; in the meantime we’ll take some Patacones on the side.

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