Together since 2008, Sam and Jenn collaboratively formed, “The Morning Birds” in late 2009. Sam is from Santa Fe, New Mexico and Jenn from Los Angeles, where they met. Under the brand, they run a music business with their relationship serving as inspiration and as a huge influencer, resulting in their music and lyrics uplifting listeners. As a duo, Sam is responsible for vocals, guitar, bass and beats with Jenn on keys, percussion, bass and providing vocals of her own. Recently, TMB has decided to add a third party to the group, Stephen, who will also be adding some background vocals as well as harmonies through his own unique style.

“BLOOM” is the title of their latest EP, a worldwide collaboration, which contains the original by TMB with five additional remixes which were reworked by 5 DJs from around the world. The cool thing about this EP, is the way they’ve played on the word “BLOOM,” with each remix representing a different season of the year: Indian Summer Bloom, Winter Bloom, Spring Bloom, Summer Bloom and Fall Bloom.

The first, original production of Bloom is a groovy melody with inspiring vocals that lead the charge, only circumvented by the precisely mastered percussion instruments, horns and slow rolling drums. It’s evident Sam and Jenn work well together as their vocals are complimentary, rather than one being more dominant than the other. In the perfect environment, this song would serve as the backdrop to a nice glass of Macallan 18 after unwinding from a long day.

Dimond Saints’ rework, labeled the “Indian Summer Bloom” is much different, with deeper, electronic bass and chopped vocals. The water droplet sound is probably my favorite part of the remix, perhaps an ode to the flowering plants that are seeking an Indian summer. The first of five, this remix is fresh, different and adds an electronic twist to the jazzy original.

Moving into the Winter Bloom, Crystal Castles remixer, Invisibles, shares his own interpretation of the original. The tone of this remix, right off the bat, is much different than the two preceeding it. Showcasing a more electronical, up-beat production, the lyrics are chopped even further with the skitchy, system error production taking lead. I am personally a fan of this type of electronic music as it brings me back to the roots that EDM has grown from.

Spring is known for being a season of rebirth, rejuvenation and regrowth. Knife & Fork collective’s BRDN represent this spectacular season change in their Spring Bloom remix. With the horns taking lead, we are presented with a style more remiscent of dub, with many familiar reggae roots. The echo, reverb and vocal snippets are complimented by some original spoken word, which explains that we need to dig into our roots and love one another.

OptiX, takes on arguarbly the best season of them all, Summer. With a spectacular energetic feel, this production is a representation of the funky, carefree and upbeat time we have all come to love. Chopping vocals from the original, this remix focuses more on the long pronunciated chorus tones as it goes through various transitions resulting in a uniquely European club feel.

As we come full circle, Fall Bloom is exactly what I was hoping for! Prizm Prime produces a deep, dark and slowed down “white light” remix. With a production style somewhere in between Trip Hop and Chill Future Trap, this production entices you to the dark side as we prepare for the harsh winter to come. With a much more ambient sound, the fusion of hip hop and electronic is strong with elements of dub present, I found myself getting lost in this one.

As emphasized, each track provides a unique insight into various representations from around the world – with the common denominator being the beautifully crafted vocals. As artists work and release remix compilations, the production at times can become stail as a whole, resulting in maybe one standing out from the bunch. This EP however, is broad in the scope of genre generalization as each provides it’s own unique flavor and accurate representation of the seasons as they change. We hope to see more from this duo, now trio, in the future and highly suggest you grabbing this EP which is available now.

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The Morning Birds – “BLOOM” EP

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