With Rex Stax, what you see is what you get — crisp electronic beats, sultry summer lyrics, and three artists who are having a blast creating each melody and verse. Stax — a DJ/producer who left East Germany when just a teen — teamed with Caribbean artists DOZE and Principe Baru to released a trio of singles this past May. “Eternity Collide,” “Trucos,” and “Lost in Times”, are low-key, yet upbeat — best suited for the end of a long night of dancing. DOZE’s breathy vocals lend a cool and confident tone, while Principe Baru’s frenzied rapping adds an irresistible bite to his feature track. Inspired by the gorgeous landscapes of his new home, Stax aimed to produce singles that captured the laid-back, yet inspiring lifestyle of the Caribbean. Though the songs certainly carry a tropical beat, there’s an edge to them that stems from more Western influences. In their entirety, the tracks are easy, addictive listens that preview the many directions Stax’s upcoming releases could take.

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Rex Stax – Eternity Collide (feat. DØZE)