Well, it’s been a brilliantly sad month of tears and bottom lips protruding outwards. Jamrock has made me break down to epic levels of sobbing and hopefully this run of Sadboi Saturdays has also ultimately made you cry as well. We’ve reached the finale of the series and this ends with my personal favorite tune from his Lonely Soprano EP. “Lovin U” is probably the most R&B tune of the whole lot and you’re probably numb if you can’t feel some pain from this vocal performance. Again as a reminder, this is Jamrock’s debut project where he’s incorporating his vocals with his productions. And I don’t think there’s a better example of how well this works than this track right here. If you want to get down with the real sadbois, this could very well be your anthem. Big ups to Jamrock for letting us unveil this project to the world as well.

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