Night Slugs Records boss L-Vis 1990 has built quite the career out of the ability to snatch the funk from ambient space and craft emotive remixes and original works. His latest work in this regard is his edit of Sade’s already quite chilled 1988-released single “Never Thought I’d See The Day” from her third studio album Stronger Than Pride. Referred to as a “Sunrise Edit,” if anything it certainly proves that the darkest hour is just before dawn. Sunrise is treated as a “turn up” in a manner most unique, as 808s shimmer when set against a relaxed and slightly synthesized take on the song’s original saxophone-laden track. By the end, when the “Think” breakdown kicks in, it feels as though you’re exiting a classic 90s house era New York City rave and watching the sun rise over the Brooklyn Bridge. Understated, yet impact-filled, it’s the perfect end to a night on the town that didn’t quite know when to end.

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