Starting out in Boston as a local DJ with a curious ear for identifying catchy melodies and percussion lines, MIXMASON began his career deeply rooted in hip-hop and reggae influences. In no time he was developing an eclectic palette for musical flavors – traveling the country and picking up sounds of Baltimore club, electro, moombahton, indie rock, dance and trap. Now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way let’s get down to the good stuff. MIXMASON is here today with two new releases, each as equally enjoying as the other and both available as free downloads. My favorite of the two, “Relax, Okay?” is a clever spin on an all time great movie, Zoolander where I’m sure you’ll recognize the sound samples from. The second, delving back into those early hip-hop roots, MIXMASON takes a DMX classic, “Party Up” and flips it into a big tune with Destructo and YG chops gaurenteed to get the party jumping. Follow up with this dude on his socials listed below.

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Shiba San x Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax, Okay? (MIXMASON Bootleg)

Destructo x YG x DMX – Party Up 2X (MIXMASON Bootleg)