This track is all about the ladies, and them getting their twerk on. Tight chops and vocal drops combined with heavy drums aim to please everyone who likes to get their pop-pop on, and of course for the guys to get there observe and report on.

SMiTHMUSiX aka Stickman releases his debut EP with Stickman Recordings, “Stick It To The Man EP”. A view on today’s music by a creative mind, exploring and combining different genres, high level sound design with unique features by Ladee Lush and Ratigan.

“All of the tracks are different from each other, but still find a way to coexist in the form of sound. With this EP I’m exploring human feelings which I find extraordinary: excitement, fear, power, happiness, joy and many more – to understand the human race better, so that when I go back home – I’ll be able to inform my species what life is about, on Earth…”

Tracklist “Stick It To The Man” & Release Dates:

1) SMiTHMUSiX – Independence Day (Original Mix) *** July 4th, 2016
2) SMiTHMUSiX – Lose Control (ft. Ratigan) *** August 1st, 2016
3) SMiTHMUSiX – Flip that Pigeon (ft. Ladee Lush) *** September 1st, 2016
4) SMiTHMUSiX – FCKU (Original Mix)*** October 1st, 2016
5) SMiTHMUSiX – Dab This (Original Mix) *** October 1st, 2016

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SMiTHMUSiX – Lose Control (feat. Ratigan)

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