Alien Seeking Earth Currency for Ship Repairs Releases Free Single in Advance of EP.

EDM Trap/Twerk artist SMiTHMUSiX just dropped off his first song of the summer appropriately titled “Summertime Fling.” The track, which combines the sultry, sexy vocals of soul and folk singer Alyshah, with the pop inspired EDM of SMiTHMUSiX, captures the idyllic, once-in-a-lifetime memories of summertime flings, vacation, and freedom.

The track boasts beautiful synth work, an upbeat tempo and an overall vibe that makes you want to pack it up and head somewhere tropical. From the moment you hit play Alyshah delivers a harmonious melody which is further complimented by SMiTH’s attention to detail. We always love an original and this tune is set to make a real splash. Be on the look out for the release of SMiTH’s upcoming EP, “Stick It to the Man”, which is set to launch July 4th 2016. The 5 track EP will embody non earthlike sounds within the Trap/Twerk genre and hopefully provide some insight into what this alien is trying to disseminate to us humans.

SMiTHMUSiX, who has built a name for himself around his creative stage show and elaborate background story, purports to be an alien, and uses his unique persona as part of his brand – in addition to his online presence. As one of the most elaborate production gimmicks in the business, the presentation is drawing a crowd on and off of the stage, as well as a significant amount of attention over the web.

In case you missed it, SMiTHMUSiX also recently remixed the hit single “Up and Down” by Nils van Zandt & Nicci.

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SMiTHMUSiX – Summertime Fling (feat. Alyshah)

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