Soundproof, comprised of Jamie and Yung‐e produce dubstep for your brain and body. They have appeared on Get Darker TV and played at several Dubpolice nights in London amongst other things. Recently they have started their own label,  “Soundproof Recordings” with Caspa and Orien both having contributed remix’s to the label in the past with more artists on the horizon for the future. Today we are stoked to release an exclusive track they’ve sent to us for free download called, “Velutina”. Below is what they have to say about the track and their future releases. Keep it locked on these guys!

We would describe it as a moody, soul‐searching sort of vibe. Its hard to describe the image it throws out to us but there is soul to the tune and thats what we try to put in all our music. Our next release will be out this december on ‘Soundproof Recordings’. Its a collaboration between Soundproof and Dubfreq called ‘Bear Brawler/Aurora 7’. Bear Brawler is the lead track as its more dancefloor I suppose you could say. They both have huge weight to them so are best listened to on a larger sound system. We just think both tunes are hard as nails.

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Soundproof – Velutina