This is a completely revolutionary record. Before you jump out of your computer chair, close your browser and claim bullshit, let me tell you why this is more than a simple current/relevant flip of a poppy little alternative rock (moderate) hit. First off, this kid from Williamsburg, VA, Hunt For The Breeze, is completely next in my eyes. The last handful of tunes I’ve heard from him are completely next level and his flip of “Drunk In Love” is the single best one there was. Period. Second, this is poppy future twerk with a dem bow. I mean, I really hate linking together a bunch of genres or whatever to try and describe something but it’s kind of my job and what I said there is exactly what this is. And I’m not sure there’s ever been anyone who’s even remotely tried to combine all that together in one single audio expression. If there is, it definitely missed my radar. But this is something that should show all of the moombah kids what progressive twerk can sound like and vice versa. This kid wins alone for driving home the awesome execution as much as making all of us take a huge step forward. Massive kudos.

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