The world premiere of “Turn It Around” premiered in July, and now we have the official video for the tune. The single is due out on September 22, pushing the official release of Sub Focus’ next album, Torus, to September 30, but trust us when we say: you will be glad for the slight delay. This one right here… I hate throwing around terms like “anthem.” It gets tired, especially when my peers tend to use terms like “anthem” and “classic” before letting something breathe, but Sub Focus has been knocking out dnb anthems since before many of my peers got into dnb heavily. The vocal (from Bloc Party’s Kele), that melody, the uplifting bass. This is pure emotional drum & bass. Like it or leave it. Just huge, inspiring, and a sound that won’t leave your head after you’ve left the dance. Pre-order “Turn It Around” right now.

Source: DAD