Stepping out of the shadows to take on any who would challenge them, Substance makes their triumphant return to Impossible Records to release a four track EP of mythical proportions. Fresh off the press, Substance’s ‘Samurai EP’ will quickly cut you down with its uncompromising assault on your eardrums with each and every track. The drums of war have been sounded and there is no going back.

Hitting the ground sprinting, the title track ‘Samurai’ pounces on you without warning and sets the tone for what’s still to come. This abrasive banger combines punchy drum breaks with vicious bass lines and samples that will leave those unready for it dead on the floor. Swiftly moving to their next target, track two ‘Is That Right’ lures you in with an interesting melodic hook before bashing you overhead with a skull-shattering drumstep breakdown. Slowing down to catch their breath before the next kill, Substance delivers a treat with the third track ‘Things I Do.’ Channeling some classic melodic dubstep vibes under the guise of a vocal-heavy downtempo electro stomper, ‘Things I Do’ is a perfect calm before the coming storm. To finish out the EP, Substance delivers the killing blow with ‘Don’t Be Disappointed.’ Rolling in with the force of a typhoon, this perfect end to an EP will leave you weak in the knees with its swells of explosive hits and breakdowns. Brace yourself, the Samurai is coming.

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Substance – “Samurai” EP