We say this a lot, but while EDM stands for “electronic dance music,” deadmau5 wasn’t far off with his crack about the “E” in EDM standing for “event.” While you can definitely enjoy dance music at home or in your headphones on the train, you’re really only able to experience what’s made fans worldwide help bring dance music back to the forefront by going out and experiencing the music live and in person. While raves are the easiest solution, the rise of the music festival worldwide has brought forth some really awesome opportunities to see an array of DJs performing in one space, bringing their best beats for scores of hungry dance music lovers. The act of putting on one of these festivals isn’t easy, so it’s always good to look back and really figure out what makes some festivals stand out. Today we take a look at the festivals around the world that are truly leading the pack, not only for the depth of their line-ups but the impact they’re making on the culture of dance music. These are the best dance music festivals in the world.

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