The Keymakers are at it again with their captivating blend of EDM, Pop, and Urban music to create a truly special vibe. Their new single, ‘Insomniac’, will grab your attention from the beginning with its haunting blend of vocals, keyboards, and percussion. The song takes you on an emotional musical journey of a lover’s painful longing over sleepless nights. The Keymakers also infuse the track with a taste of Rome Alexander, the older brother, on the alto saxophone. “I’ve played the sax since I was a kid and love the pure emotion it evokes. We’ve been searching for an authentic way to introduce live sax into our sound and we believe that it really fit the mood and vibe we wanted to create with ‘Insomniac'”, said Rome.

The Keymakers have just dropped off a live performance of their newest single ‘Insomniac’ – this is the first edition of The Keymakers Live Sessions, and if it’s any evidence of what’s to come we are extremely excited!

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The Keymakers – Insomniac

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