It’s crazy when you think that Artful Dodger’s UK garage classic “Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta)” first hit American shores 13 years ago, after hitting #2 on the UK charts. Soon after, the songs vocalist Craig David became a bonafide crossover star both in the UK and in America with his shift into R&B. Dude’s got the voice, and as you can see he’s super swole so he has his gym regiment on smash, but it’s been a bit since we’ve heard new Craig David material. Rumors have swirled about him doing writing for the next Backstreet Boys album, and that his sixth studio album (Following My Intuition) should be due out sometime in 2014. In any case, he recently hit BBC Radio 1 to let the world know that he still has it. Soak in this piece of UK garage history.

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