Rising-star Trunks has an eclectic history in the Electronic music scene, with his roots in Trap music from his native Atlanta setting the path for him to move to Los Angeles, where he is currently based. Trunks has honed his sound after years on the DJ circuit, impressing audiences at some of Hollywood’s most reputable venues and his ascension hasn’t gone unnoticed.

DJing or producing?

That’s a hard one but I will have to say DJing and only because to me, nothing beats physically connecting with the people who listen to your music.

Analogue or digital?

I’d have to go with digital. The way music is made now, digital works better for me.

Single or album?
Definitely album. It allows my music to tell a bigger story.

Live recording or midi arrangement?
I’ll always choose Live Recording if it’s available.

Collaborations or solo work?
Collaborations make the world keep spinning.

Guitar or piano?
The guitar will always speak to my soul.

Finally – new Trunks or old Trunks?
New Trunks because he is a happier person. 

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Trunks – Ultra Instinct (Hard Trap Mix)

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