Tips For SoundCloud Promotion

SoundCloud is a great location for any music promotion.  All musicians, big and small, should be taking advantage of the growing community of music lovers on SoundCloud.  Some of the essential parts of SoundCloud promotion include the sharing of tracks, interacting with other people and creating sets.  This should be added to commenting, group joining and following to make SoundCloud an online pulse of social music.

When you look at the success that musicians have on SoundCloud, you will become excited about the potential for music discovery that is on offer.  If you want to get the most out of SoundCloud, you need to know about some tips for promoting on it.


It is very important that you share your SoundCloud tracks. This should not be a surprise when you consider how important social networking is. In fact, it should actually be second nature by now.  When you release a new track or a new set, you need to remember to share it on your Facebook account, tweet about it, post it on Tumblr and embed a player on your website with the track.  You should also look at sharing the track with SoundCloud users that are not following you as well as sharing it by old-fashioned email.  You will be able to connect a number of social media networks to your SoundCloud account to assist with this and you need to use this feature.

Be Free

Everyone loves something that is free including free SoundCloud downloads.  You should not be afraid to release a few tracks for free every so often.  A lot of people have become used to not paying for music anymore.  New artists often feel that free music can be detrimental, you need to consider all of the benefits as well.

Free music downloads will come with a certain type of virality.  When this reaches the right fans, they are able to spread the music across the world at a much faster rate than you would imagine. Free downloads will also help you get a larger fan base.  Once you have a larger fan base, you will have a better chance of actually selling your music.

Join Groups

Joining groups that relate to your musical tastes is both rewarding and fun.  When you choose to join a group or submit some of your tracks, you need to think outside of the Dropbox.  While it is important to submit your music to groups that reflect your genre, you should not neglect the location-based groups.

You can target SoundCloud groups in your city or state, but this is something that many musicians forget about.  These groups will help you build a local fan base and will provide you with opportunities for future gigs.  Of course, you should only join groups that make the most sense for your music.


If you have ever had someone leave a comment on one of your tracks, you will understand the excitement that this generates.  You also have the opportunity to create this excitement for other people. Comment on SoundCloud tracks that other people have, but remember to be sincere and constructive.  When you take the time to extend your support and applaud other artists, you will create an opportunity for you to be noticed.

This does sound self-serving, but that is what promotion is about.  Promoting your music will always be self-serving, but that does not mean that you have to be insincere about this.  You should never blatantly ignore what is happening in the track simply to make a comment about yourself.  People will notice when you comment on things and when you use the right words, this will work in your favor.

Follow Others on SoundCloud

You should not hesitate in following or following back to get more SoundCloud followers.  This is one of the more obvious tips that you will find.  The reason for this the simple fact that following is a recurring action.  If a user sees that you are following them, they are more likely to either follow back or take the time to check out your tracks. Another great way to increase how popular you look is to buy SoundCloud followers.

This can easily lead to more exposure and that is what promotion is about.  You may find that they love your latest track and download it because you are offering it for free.  They may then share this with their network and bring you more fans. This is not actually an unrealistic scenario and it does happen.