What’s going on with TNGHT right now? Today they uploaded the ominous “Waning Moon” with the message “Until We Next Meet” in the description. There’s no big drop or beats in the track, and the video ends with Lunice saying goodbye during one of their live shows. There’s no official word on what the future of TNGHT is, and it does seem weird that their solo Facebook pages point to the other’s artist page along with a link to the above video. This Song Is Sick is calling this a “shocking split,” which we can see (especially since we recently commented on “Acrylics” being the only new material of theirs in 2013), but without official confirmation from Lunice, HudMo, Warp, or LuckyMe that this is the case, we’d like to see this as more of a “see you soon” gesture, especially since there’s word that both Lunice and HudMo have albums on the way.

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