St. Petersburg Russia’s BMB Spacekid and Oxnard California’s thefaded. have combined forces, are calling themselves TRAAFTWERK, and recently crafted a thumping seven-track self-titled EP filled with unique trap tunes that are underground unorthodox bangers. BMB Spacekid is a name that we’re new to, but his records and following are pretty insane. thefaded. has had a handle on dark bass-heavy tunes for more than a little bit of time, and the consistency of his work isn’t even a question anymore. We decided to upload “VODKA,” a tune based in steel drums and insulting low end, and you can stream or snag that below. Keep in mind that you can stream the entire “TRAAFTWERK” release for download via the faded.’s SoundCloud, and check the description in his set for a .ZIP via mediafire.

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