There a few things in life that I love: music. Professional wrestling. My family. And Peanuts. I’m a Peanuts head. If a special is on, I’m watching it (assuming it’s pre-Schulz’ death, as those later ones really bother me). I also love footwork music, and someone like Traxman, as he has the sample game on lock. If you follow his SoundCloud, you’ll see that he’s dropping bootlegs and edits on the regular, and his flip of the de facto Peanuts theme “Linus and Lucy” (which was originally introduced during their A Charlie Brown Christmas special) is perfect. Just the proper amount of footwork rumble, loads of hi-hats, and properly-timed kicks and snares throughout. The piano-driven bit is just… awesome. And as you can see, the gang is fucking with it.

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