Truth’s picks are in for November! Here’s volume # 10 of the TRUTH CHRONICLES … a series of monthly mini-mixes by Truth packed with exclusives and showcasing only the freshest, quality Dubstep for your listening pleasure. Tracklist, stream & download are below.

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Truth Chronicles Vol 10 (November 2012)

Max Powa ft. Prince Alla & Seanie T – Great Man (Truth Remix) (DUB)
Seven – Walter White (DUB)
Noisia – Diplodocus (Kaiju Bootleg) (DUB)
Sleeper – Dark Mutations (DUB)
Genetix – Natural State (DUB)
Fornax – Endemix (DUB)
?? – In Atari (DUB)
Vax – Foxtrot (DUB)
Edgewoode – Me x You (DUB)
Jafu – Devil’s Night (DUB)
Subreachers – Ghosts (DUB)
Old Apparatus – Ocatfish (DUB)