June has been about Truth. The New Zealand duo dropped their album Hollow World on Firepower, which we spoke to them about when they hit us with their DAD mix. Now before the month finishes up, the duo has one last track to giveaway and they did so for free via DJ Mag. Though this track was originally meant to be on Hollow World, it didn’t make the cut, which makes sense as Hollow World had a much more sinister vibe, and “Endlessly” is perhaps a bit more jazzy and melodic. Touchy piano licks breathe through this as the basslines boom and the vocals give it an old-school reggae vibe not unlike the Truth sound we’ve known from their Deep Medi releases. This one is about to be on repeat for the rest of the summer though because we’re not sure there’s anything else quite like this out there at the moment. Sliding this into the nightcap smoking jacket playlist is definitely the move.

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