Tvpez pronouced (tapes) from the San Fernando Valley (818) releases his debut album “Combo.” Full of rich bass, these Trap bangers look to set the tone for the weekend.

When asked what the album meant to him and his constructing process, here’s what he had to say:
“Well from June of 2016 to present time i produced over 170 beats raging from all types of genres it was so hard to choose what i wanted to do.”

What was your end goal?
“So i finally decided that i didn’t have to stick to one particular genre which is why i called it ‘Combo’ its a mixture of all sorts of genres from future bass, hardstyle to heavy bass trap.”

What is your favorite instrument you like to work with?
“I love bass so much its like air to me i cant go a couple minutes without it and im sure im not the only one.”

The album is available in all streaming services Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Soundcloud everywhere.

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TVPEZ – Cosas Buenas (feat. Rawdell)

TVPEZ – Pockets

TVPEZ – Xenic Arena