Feel that your rave experience is missing something but can’t quite put your finger on it? Then this ultimate guide is just what you need. From glasses to goggles to luminescent eyewear to mood enhancement glasses, you’ve got what you need to pick out a perfect pair of rave glasses.

Diffraction Glasses

Diffraction Glasses will blow your mind as soon as you put them on! They bring lightshows and visuals to a whole different level. Diffraction glasses feature a special lens that diffracts light into a gradient spectrum of colors. Offered in different types of diffraction effects like spiral and heart diffraction, these are the preferred choice of many ravers.

Kaleidoscope Glasses

Next up are the beautiful kaleidoscope lenses which are considered to have a similar effect to light diffraction, but they are far different in many ways. The strange shapes, colors, and angles of these kaleidoscopic lenses create a warm mind blowing experience suited for the brightest imaginations. Kaleidoscope glasses vary by lens type, and you’ll experience different effects based on the cut of the crystal. Some cuts are far more intense than others. If you’re looking to get lost in a fractal fantasy, look for lenses with lots of facets and rainbow infused crystals. If you’re looking for something a little less intense, wormhole lenses might be best for you.

Light Up Luminescence Glasses

When you want to be a walking light show then light up luminescence glasses might be for you. Luminescence glasses are any style frame which is then wrapped in glowing EL wire. These series comes in wayfer style, aviator style and shutter frames; even some with diffraction and kaleidoscope lenses. With so many customizable options you’re sure to love these and stand out!

Rave Goggles

Goggles are an option that allow you to go hard without worrying about stopping the fun at any moment. They feature extreme comfort rubber pads along with an adjustable strap so they fit any head shape. There are spiked and stud styles available as well. Rave Goggles can be customized to include most of your favorite lenses like the rainbow kaleidoscope, bug eye, diffraction lenses or even just tinted lenses. If you really want step your game up, then you can also look into the el wrapped goggles that are offered with kaleidoscope lenses. Talk about really being the lightshow!

Color Therapy Glasses

Color Therapy glasses have a multitude of beneficial effects all while being stylish and durable. By wearing a pair of these high-quality Color Therapy Glasses for 10-30 minutes each day, it is possible to experience an enhancement in mood. The mood that is enhancement is dependent on which color you choose to rock. My personal favorite for events are the green ones which enhance feelings of peace love and harmony.

Which is Right for You?

With so many great styles and lenses to choose from it may seem a bit overwhelming but there’s always something for everyone. If you’re a rail riding head banger you may want to try the goggles since they won’t fall off and if you’re a chill, swaying to the beat raver then glasses are perfect for you. Now that you’re a rave glasses expert with this guide it’s time to get out there and dance the night away with whichever stylish pair you chose.