While I wasn’t a huge fan of The Lonely Island’s “When Will The Bass Drop” EDM sketch from Saturday Night Live, I can’t front on viral material. You androids loved it, and one thing I got asked all week from people who know that I fuck with EDM but aren’t THAT into EDM was “so, what’d you think of that SNL EDM thing?” Makes sense. What I wasn’t expecting was Sam F, the producer who ended up producing the track for The Lonely Island after they requested “an incredibly annoying track with one of those ‘stupid long builds,'” to get a single deal with Universal to release the track next week. He already spoke with THUMP about his link with The Lonely Island, but Your EDM won with the exclusive download of the tune before it drops (no pun intended). It is a “like to download” thing, and something you should hop on before time is up.

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