Making their mark on Universal Sweden on June 3rd is the latest set of remixes based around Vigiland’s bounce anthem “Pong Dance.” With the Swedish duo having just dropped their own acoustic edit and the original pushing towards 30 million streams online, three different production talents now approach the track.

Up first is UK D&B duo GLXY, who strip back this upfront tune and lace it with steppy, rhythmical precision whilst allowing snatches of those vocals to remain and give it additional texture.

Legendary Russian trio Swanky Tunes offer two edits; one a drum-laden instrumental and the other an upfront vocal edition, which carves out fresh melodies for a hugely satisfying listen. Finally comes the Weekenders’ remake, a smoothly moving house edit that features a bubbling bass line and just a few vocal interjections for maximum effect.

This EP is another release to enjoy one of Vigiland’s biggest singles to date, and each contribution gives “Pong Dance” one more dimension.

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Vigiland – Pong Dance (Remixes)