When we first heard about the possibility of The Colbert Report having Daft Punk on the show in some capacity, we were skeptical. Many thought that the androids were set to perform “Get Lucky,” as this year’s Colbchella carried that “the song of the summer of the century” tag directly on the logo. Mind you, Daft Punk has shot down numerous rumors of doing any touring this year, including in a litany of interviews leading up to the release of Random Access Memories earlier this year. We figured they would come out, do some Interstella 5555-esque crowd shot (or a video package ala the Coachella “Get Lucky” ad) and be done with it. Based on reports from a number of different publications, however, we’re leaning more towards the idea that Daft Punk being announced to appear on the Comedy Central program could have been one of two things: the biggest troll of August 2013 or a blow-up over contract exclusivity.