Over the weekend, Bounce Boat kicked off their July 2014 Summer Tour, and had a certified vet booked. Just Blaze, who we interviewed last March as his record “HIGHER” was taking off, was due to perform, but we got the homey Alvi B to sit down with Just for an interview that ended up turning into Just Blaze breaking down how long dance music and hip-hop have really been co-mingling. Shouts to Just bigging up how spots in Northern Jersey really get down; I myself am from Trenton, and you could go to a party and hear everything from house music to dancehall without missing a beat. Seeing him rising and really getting to be himself when everyone else has finally caught up is beautiful, and while I hate to toot my own horn, a lot of what Just talks about here are things we’ve been saying since day dot. Trap and twerk are fire, but don’t act like hip-hop influences in dance music (and vice versa) is a new thing. Check out the full interview up above.

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