Wubson, a producer by way of Alexandria, LA just dropped off his 2 track, Ricky & Morty inspired EP entitled, “Galaxy’s Most Wanted.” We’ll let him explain a little about the project and include the embed and download link below!

What started off as just me trying to remix my favorite cartoon a year ago turned into a a 4 man project involving artists from all over. I wrote the music (Boston, MA), Mike Marceaux (Los Angeles, CA) did the artwork, Jon Bettinger (Worcester, MA) did the music video and our project manager Pablo Smith (Berlin, Germany) helped pull us all together.

None of us are getting any money out of this and we spent over a year putting this together out of fan love for the show and y’all, so any help screaming about it from rooftops would be super helpful!
Thank you for listening and have a nice day!

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Wubson – “Galaxy’s Most Wanted” EP

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